Using Apps
Manage currently running applications.

At all times you can see all the apps you are currently running in Currently running section on your rollApp home page.

From Currently running you can connect to any of your applications already running in the cloud — just click on the application icon! If there was another connection to this application, e.g. from another computer or device, that device will be disconnected. Since the application is running in the cloud none of your work will be lost and you would be able to continue right from where you left.

Additionally, from this list you can kill (in the bad sense of this word) an application running in the cloud. Clicking on the close icon next to the application will unconditionally terminate it and free a slot for another application you may want to run. Be careful as any unsaved changes you might have will be lost.


When you are working with the application, basically, there are two way to close the application (kind of):

  • use application’s functions File/Exit, or File/Quit, or the like to close it. This is a recommended way to go, if you are already done with your work.
  • close browser window. When you close main application window like this, you will be disconnected form the application.

When you disconnect from the application, it will still continue to run in the cloud, but its time will be limited to 30 minutes (or only 10 minutes if you use a Starter account). If you take a look at Currently running you’ll notice the timer, which indicates how much time has left.


If you connect back to the application before the timeout expires, you can continue working with the application right from where you left. Application is still running in the cloud and therefore all the open windows, edits and changes will still be there.

If you do not connect to the application until this timeout expires, it will be killed and any unsaved work will be lost. Once again, if those 10 minutes run out all your changes and data will be lost.

It is always recommended that you close applications with File/Exit.